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An Immovable Object
The thing that kills me is that it took me forever to be happy with Materiim's design but the first doodle I finally pooped out in SAI just clicked. This is part of the reason it took me so long to get all of these redesigned; I've had Lucicaz down since December.

Materiim was created as part of an agreement between Lucicaz and Palkia. Palkia, wishing for a being to occupy its space, came to Lucicaz and offered a trade. Palkia gave Lucicaz a metallic stardust from the Big Bang, and Lucicaz forged this metal into Materiim using its hottest fires. In return, Lucicaz was allowed to traverse Palkia's domain freely. When the trio of Materiim, Lucicaz, and Navex crashed into the earth billions of years ago, it was supposedly Materiim's impact that jarred the tectonic plates into motion. Materiim's Guardian Forme is free of rust and sports a lush coat of plant growth. The metal plating on its body mimics the twisting branches and vines that make up this growth, though the species are unlike anything else known on this planet and thought to exist as an extension of Materiim rather than some form of symbiotic relationship. It is proposed that the plants may still be edible and ancient lore says that eating the plant will stop one from aging. For this reason, a famous Cajiro tea company uses Materiim as its logo.

Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Materiim and Art (c) Me. 
An Unstoppable Force
I have a hate-hate relationship with the styling of the water here but I scarcely think I can do better at this point in my life.

Navex was created by Lucicaz as part of an agreement with Dialga. Dialga wished for a being to occupy its domain and sought Lucicaz, giving it the sands of time from which to create life. Lucicaz struck these sands with its brightest lightning, and Navex was born. In return for this favor, Lucicaz was allowed to freely enter Dialga's domain. Navex, along with Lucicaz and Materiim, fell to earth many eons ago; Navex's impact with the planet is said to be what loosed the debris that formed the moon. The majestic cloak of water that it adopts in this form swirls ferociously and may begin to boil at its edges and freeze at other points. The substance is incredibly pure and it is said that if one could manage to drink it that they would never need sleep again. Some see this as a curse rather than a blessing.

Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Navex and Art (c) Me.
Gravity Well
For some reason, this one is a she? Not like it would be a female legendary, but just like how sometimes we say 'he' when we mean 'it' referring to genderless pokemon here you'd say 'she' instead. I can't explain this, it's just a she.

Materiim's name derives from a Latin word for matter (materia and rem as well to an extent) and 1/M, as in E×1/M =C^2.

Materiim, unlike Lucicaz or Navex, is almost completely intact in its Nether Forme. It stands motionless for long periods of time in the clearings of secluded forests, growing moss and rusting until it again feels the need to move. It once remained in the same location for thirty years and it was feared that Materiim had somehow died, though evidence suggests that it has remained in some places for up to a century in the past. A great celebration was held when it finally decided to move again. Small statuettes of it are made and sent to its location to be blessed. While Materiim stays still, these sculptures seem to slowly absorb its energy, growing a moss that never seems to die. If there are statuettes at its feet when it decides to move again, it will drop them off at the nearest settlement and continue on its way. These statuettes are said to provide stability and persistence to their owners and are sometimes given to the family of those who are gravely ill. Materiim, along with Lucicaz and Navex, arrived on Earth many ages ago. Its impact is said to have set plate tectonics in motion.

Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Materiim and Art (c) Me.
Potential Energy
I've decided just now we need more invertebrate legendaries. How many are there in existence? Giratina maybe... uh... ... hm. mmm...?
Yeah we need more.

Navex's name derives from Navitas, (one word for) energy in Latin, and Ex, as in E×1/M=C^2, which in itself is a rewriting of E=MC^2.

Navex, in this forme, is stripped of nearly all of its essence and is considerably weaker than it is in its Guardian Forme. However, this does not mean it is to be underestimated, as it will quickly slip into its Guardian Forme and unleash hurricane-force storms at a moment's notice. It hides at the bottom of the ocean, withstanding crushing pressures with ease, and only surfaces in times of need. It can stop tsunamis dead in their tracks and circle the world three times in a second, ripping clouds in the atmosphere into ribbons hundreds of miles long. Delicate statues carved in its likeness are crafted in coastal towns and traditionally they are sent to the bottom of the ocean in hefty nets to be blessed. The statues are washed ashore with gleaming crystal shells like Navex's water and represent a large tourist attraction for these towns. Possession of one is said to give its owner more energy, motivation, and clarity. 

Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Navex and Art (c) Me.
A Light in the Dark
I debated making Lucicaz's Nether form dark type but decided against it for simplicity's sake.

Lucicaz's Nether Forme, statuesque and skeletal, appears to be lacking its life essence. It has been known to frighten onlookers when it finally decides to move, its lanky form in motion somehow feeling inherently wrong. It retains most of the extraordinary speed its Guardian Forme is known for, but prefers to conserve its energy in this forme. It almost seems to suck light from its surroundings. Lucicaz was revered as a god of darkness by peoples who had never seen its true form. To those who had seen its other form, the brilliant hues of light that it emanated made it a god of dawn and dusk, operating in the liminal space between the realms of Solgaleo and Lunala. 
Lucicaz bends light around itself and creates illusions to mask its appearance. It uses this ability to test those who wish to ally with it and use its immense power. It seeks out those that are kind above all else and legends say that it fell to this earth and remained because it was nursed back to health by the world's inhabitants. Small totems have been made of it through history, and particularly rare and valuable specimens glow with its light. Museums the world over clamor for the more luxurious of these, some made of radiant crystal, others crudely made but strongly blessed by Lucicaz itself. These figures are said to bring peace of mind and recognition for one's good deeds.

For some reason the lore is not as strong with this one but the other two should be a little better. A lot of it is adapted from the old trio. Wonder what their fate is??

Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Lucicaz and Art (c) Me.


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Kinda. I mean I've been in a homestuck art phase and well, that keeps me away. If I had to predict, spriting will start back up when I go back to school. Otherwise it's really just a bunch of commission uploads, which you probably don't want to see anyway.
But speaking of homestuck art, y'all know about that welovefine contest, right? If you don't, the gist of it is homestuck t-shirt design contest, and I've got like 8? designs up for rating. And I'd really love to have your rates! You have to have a welovefine account buuut I'm pretty sure that you can sign in with facebook or even steam. So here are links to the shirts, and don't forget to drop me some comments or share them with ya friends if you like my designs!

Alpha Kids

Multiverse frog pixel art

Troll wheel version 1  version 2

Jane (personal fave)


Johnroxy because everything's a joke

GCat and Science

Ok thanks luv ya bye! Haha maybe I'll upload some junk later. Sorry I've been inactive!
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