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Can't Hug Every Cat by JelloJolteon2000
Can't Hug Every Cat
EDIT! Houston, we now have flavor text!
EDIT 2: Better art!

Zapipurr have been domesticated for centuries and as such have become very accustomed to human speech and able to understand most of it. During thunderstorms, they are known for the peculiar habit of scaling the tallest objects, usually trees, that they can find. At this height, they are more easily struck by lightning and have been credited for often saving the object on which they perch. Once they are recharged, their stripes glow and they loose any excess electricity. Their whiskers are highly sensitive to electric fields and they utilize this technique to hunt. They gather electricity between their large ears, but must first re-position their leaves so as to not damage themselves. When not in battle they are almost always sleeping or grooming their soft fur. They become hypo-allergenic as they get older, but newly evolved Zapipurr can even cause reactions in those not allergic to begin with. Their rose-colored claws are rarely seen but are as sharp as thorns.

...All right; I admit it- Cotty and Zapipurr are my favorites. Serpicane too.

And, I seem to have finally happened upon Sugi-style. Agree?
The hardest part is getting the proper brush for the lineart. It's a size 14 (no bigger than that) Flat point dual brush with some jitter- yadda yadda yadda. I'll probably make a tut for this someday.

Pokemon (c) Game Freak, Style (c) Sugimori, Zapipurr and pic (c) Me.
Roosh, Plicka Plicka! by JelloJolteon2000
Roosh, Plicka Plicka!
EDIT: Looks like the time has come for me to go back through and art some of these better again! Hopefully I don't change my style long enough to get through this.
shhh I just kind of forgot to upload this ever.
Not sure how or why.
You get a million cookies if you get the title.
Cotty are commonly kept as pets for their small size and playful, young nature. One of the major drawbacks to owning a Cotty is that their impeccable hygiene creates a slew of potent allergens, an odd yet sometimes dangerous mix of pollen and dander. Their fur also becomes electrically charged with their constant grooming, and it is thought that is an obsolete protection mechanism. Most likely, petting a Cotty will result in a small shock. They are especially fond of sleeping in rays of sunlight, as they photosynthesize using the leaf crest on their head. Cotty with access to sunlight have been scientifically proven to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Interestingly enough, they love to watch and help people garden.

Yup. That works.
P.S. Happy almost 6th birthday to Cotty! At least, I think it's 6. *Checks old Dex* Yeah, 6. Wow.

Pokemon © Game Freak, Cotty and Art © Me.
Deep Fried Ice Cream by JelloJolteon2000
Deep Fried Ice Cream
EDIT: I fixed the fire. :]
EDIT 2: For some reason I didn't have the actual art files for Heliarcat?? And I didn't feel like looking for them. So I just decided to redo its art anyway. Sabacier's is missing as well, but I don't think its art needs to be redone as urgently.

Computer was mean, else I would have drawn this yesterday.
And it would have different style lines.
That's the only thing I'm happy about as far as my computer's hissy fit goes. I know they're thick now, but I'll thin them down.

So what happened is compy got grumpy and slow, then it refused to let me log on to my account in normal mode, then it screwed it up entirely and I had to delete and remake my account. And then it decided to tell me that my hard drive is failing. So now I'm trying to copy the contents of my hard drive onto an external hard drive. And I'm scratching my head as to whether or not to attempt to a) Ask my parents for a new hard drive b) ask them for a new computer (lol, I'd rather see new gutters and roofing on my house, though) or c) ignoring my computers protests and carrying on as per usual. After all, it is still hanging (tenaciously) to life. I think I'll stick with c until I can figure out how to politely and cheaply obtain option (a) for a computer that's approximately seven years old.

Oh, how I wanted to shoot my computer yesterday. It was slower than molasses and everything kept freezing.


Heliarcat. Like I said, I love the lines. The flames are iffy, I like the ice, and I think If I can thin the lines and focus on shading for a while, then I'll be fit as a fiddle. That and getting all my sugi-style texture thingies back.

I may do Sabacier later if the desire strikes me, but I also really want to get this baby sprited. Something tells me I'll be very happy with the resulting flames.

Heliarcat are pokemon that weather extreme temperatures in order to nomadically search for food. They prefer northern climates, where their fire keeps them warm, but they can also be found less commonly in deserts where the ice aspects of the body keep them cool. They ignite the bottom of their feet to melt through snow, and plants often spring up where they step, which attracts many herbivorous pokemon. Needless to say, Heliarcat often backtrack to find a good meal. They have the widest internal body temperature range of any pokemon, some individuals having temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit and others as high as 200 degrees. It is said that of you were to calculate temperature to the thousandth of a degree, you'd find that each Heliarcat has a different body temperature. They increase the size of the ice block on their tail for use as a large bludgeon, and it is possible to see the receding lines on its tail.

Shoot, was gonna upload this earlier, but when shopping. Oh wellz.

Pokemon © Game Freak, Heliarcat and Art © Me.
FSC 20
Man I've really been churning these out, huh? I mean look at this, I'm at twenty of these things. I think I promised more on the tens, right? I definitely said it in my head if nothing else.

We've got a fancy splitter this time for hookive and anglarv and... Oh SHOOT kookor and kookomoror were the other line I had done! I knew I had 10 of these first and second stages to do. Oh well, you'll see them next time! I'm 2/3 of the way there apparently haha.

ANYWAY, you might remember I said in Anglarv's flavor text that it didn't make enough light to fluoresce? But here you'll notice I made a sprite for it! What's the deal? This little bonus is Anglarv-Auxiliary, meaning that in a battle where a hookive or angleep is present, anglarv would actually do the thing too. It's more of an aesthetic bonus than anything else. There are 3 other fakes in the dex with little things like these. The first is Groogras/Alphalfa, with its flower coat, which is a rare thing that can be bred, Sabacier, which will either have a fire or ice affinity, and Vroobile, which comes in different colors. I MIGHT, once I'm done with the dex, turn it into a flash file, so I can properly display these things and the shinies as well.

But that's a lot of garble. Here's the art for the included fakes:
*Someone remind me to fix hookive's art whenever I go on my holy war of fixing those sheets, it's missing the off art. 

Again with copyrights, you better get the deal.
The Cajiro Region Fakedex by JelloJolteon2000
The Cajiro Region Fakedex
An unnecessarily specific edit log:
1 [7/10/11]: Changed Background (Thanks guys, you were right. :]), added Shokitty and Zapipurr.
2 [7/10/11]: Changed Psygarnet's name to Espyrope (the right name), added Aquaron-Nether and Espyrope-Nether, changed the font to more readable colors.
3 [7/11/11]: Added Beetire.
4 [7/15/11]: For whatever reason, Gloring was nonexistent. It has been added. Also changed Sebacier's name to 'Sabacier', the correct spelling.
5 [7/22/11]: Desaturated it some more, added Volcopod.
6 [8/22/11]: Lightened/Darkened the letters of the type placards, added Transvolt and Tectoise. Also replaced Chaipup and Chomclap with Adobedoba and Vroobile, respectively.
7 [9/12/11]: Changed Pumit's name to Pumacean, tweaked Dolpod's sprite. Added Mystal.
8 [9/14/11]: Added Cycleon.
9 [9/18/11]: Desaturated 100%, changed the outline color which will probably change again. Added Connecoy.
10 [9/19/11]: Added Heliarcat.
11 [9/20/11]: Added Sabacier, Fixed Heliarcat's leg.
12 [9/28/11]: Changed Lequarius, Verdino, and Firanorex to Verleonal, Wintiger, and Ursummer respectively. Added Vroobile.
13 [11/1/11]: Added Squeek.
14 [11/5/11]: Added Calderapin, redesigned and re-added Angleep.
15 [11/6/11]: Removed the glow from around the sprites, added Coalitle.
16 [12/30/11]: Added Eleel. I don't know why I didn't have this version uploaded earlier.
17 [1/28/12]: Added male and female Unihorn.
18 [1/29/12]: Added Capoison and X-Sce, changed name labels to Led-X and X-Sce. Added Caustar later.
19 [3/3/12]: Added Wintiger. Added Verleonal later.
20 [3/4/12]: Added Summursa.
21 [3/5/12]: Added Aquaron and Perorest Guardian forms. And also 8k pageviews on this. Thanks everyone. :]
22 [3/6/12]: Added Espyrope Guardian form.
23 [3/18/12]: Added The Charlestoners male and female Felinectar. Added Dundrill later, as well as Adobedoba and Reedic'lus.
24 [3/20/12]: Added Macable.
[4/6/12]: Pageviews: IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAND!!!
25 [6/23/12]: Added Grybbowp Creating Form.
26 [8/7/12]: Added Dragrass, Snage, and Saegron. Fixed Gloring and Emnotion later.
27 [8/8/12]: Added Agiphin, Barluga, and Grybbowp Inspring form. Fixed Dolpod and Narwhorn. Removed Thermeteo [all].
28 [8/9/12]: Added Corrosibe, Dirteon, Ghoroma, and Chickalin.
29 [11/28/12]: Added Vilitorch, fixed a little line thingy. Thanks for spotting, Neoven8tr!
30 [12/2/12]: Added Griffador.
31 [12/31/12]: Last edit of the year! Replaced Fiskiper, Muskish, and Qualamud with New!Fiskiper, Muckee, and Quanatee! The old ones are officially Elaynii's!
32 [1/1/13]: Happy New Year! Added Clostripe.
33 [1/31/13]: Added Basileaf, Changed Serpicane.
34 [2/4/13]: Added Nemozo, changed Tectoise later.
35 [2/5/13]: Added Lycka and Cosmomutt.
36 [2/24/13]: Added Cometeor, changed Cycleon.
37 [3/27/13]: Added Metoo, changed Cotty, Shokitty, and Zapipurr.
38 [3/28/13]: Added Shamrocaun.
39 [3/31/13]: Added Carouge.
[4/1/13]: April Fools!
40 [5/24/13]: Added Vulcanair.
41 [5/26/13]: Added Alphalfa.
42 [5/27/13]: Added Yigill and Yangill.
43 [5/30/13]: Added Groogras.
44 [6/1/13]: Added Phaero.
45 [12/19/13]: (Yikes, 6 months.) MASSIVE UPDATE: Added ALL Horoscopes (Horosol, Airibrol, Tarol, Geminol, Cansrol, Leyobrol, Virgrol, Librol, Scorprol, Sajybrol, Capribrol, Aquabrol, Pysrol), added fairy type, marked by light pink "FAY". Removed Carnydra.
46 [12/26/13]: MERRY CHRISTMAS BOOM I COMPLETELY REDID THE TAGS. It's now much cleaner in design! If you're curious about the colors, they are posted below this log.
47 [3/2/14]: General dex upkeep: Finalized Megalution slots, added types there. Changed Plasoul to Tetrabit and Teetung and Tangluv to Iystong and Frostong respectively. Fixed Renedrake's type (but ironically made the old type its mega's).
48 [9/6/14]: ((The midnight clause)) A little more housekeeping, finalizing all names, numbers, and types as set. Unless I forgot some. Also added Bithmoose and Noxfowl.
49 [10/12/14]: Added the Tetrabits. 50 sprites to go if I know how to count!
50 [10/19/14]: (50 edits! wow!) Added Frostong. Changed Sulomeb later.
** [11/19/14]: Edited the disclaimer to specify that acceptable recreations of the designs herein are limited to fanart.
51 [1/26/15]: Added Mega Zapipurr and Mega Heliosect. I'm trying! This semester's gonna be ugly.
52 [2/20/15]: Added Mega Quanatee, finally. Took me a little while.
53 [2/22/15]: Added Panaspea.
54 [2/27/15]: Added Jumpro.
55 [5/9/15]: Added Benimar and Volion.
56 [5/12/15]: Changed Macable, added Shoct, Iystong, and Drifplin.
57 [5/13/15]: Added Kookor and Kookomoror.
58 [5/14/15]: Changed Pumacean to Zyzzyza, added Zyzzyza, Bulbaby, and Sprouluck.
59 [5/15/15]: Tweaked the tag layout a bit, changed the font colors for readability. New key added below. Added Slimarillo, Slugana, Anglarv, and Hookive.
60 [5/16/15]: Added Pyrvil and Fyrvil. 
61 [5/18/15]: Added Hacsh and Elamp.

You don't need to download for full, though you're welcome to! Just magnify it twice, that should work.

Sheet Legend:
+"Pokéball"- Starter
+"Premier Ball"- Legendary*
+"Cherish Ball"- Event Legendary 
+"Master Ball"- Mega Evolution
+Blue bottom- Male only
+Pink bottom- Female only
+White bottom- Genderless

+Green top- imaginary Peridot exclusive
+Teal top- imaginary Aquamarine exclusive


All of these colors can stack excepting pokéball coloration- the starters have genders despite having a white bottom. 
*In the event of a stack on a legendary (e.g. version exclusive and male/female gender if there were any), refer to center of ball, which is red. (All legendaries here are genderless.) 

In all it's brandy-newness, I present to you, the Cajiro Region.
First off, I'm sorry it's so wide. Thing is, if it wasn't that wide, there would be more cutoffs in the forms and that would make me very unhappy.

I will update this as I make new sprites (and log my edits), and I'm sure you'll be pleased to note that I had a couple sprites you've not seen yet. Any sprite not even remotely up to standards is to be replaced, excepting for the moment Dolpod, Angleep, Thermeteo, Emnotion, Tangluv, and Tropolain.

It's got a lot of work coming, and I'm the only one with real editing powers seeing as I've got the .psd, but that's okay because it's my job to work on it an yours to enjoy it.

Oh, and real quick, disclaimer:
NO, you do NOT have permission to use these fakemon or sprites for your own personal gain. These are for your visual enjoyment, NOT your projects/hacks/fake games/RPs/etc. If you like them, you DO have my permission to create fanart of them (drawing/spriting/I'll even allow fanfics) so long as you give me credit for the designs (and I'd love to see a link!~) If you see someone has stolen or otherwise not credited me for this fakedex and the sprites/designs herein anywhere on the internet (I've got the same username everywhere I go), please contact me so I can sort it out.

Just to let you know, every time I put in a sprite/sprites, I will set this as an important update. Because it is.

Just for the record, I'm not including the real pokemon some of the fakes evolve from. I'm thinking that in order to make my laziness look like fridge brilliance, the 'games' would have all of these pokemon listed in the dex, but some you wouldn't be able to actually obtain until post-E4 when you've got the national dex and their pre-evos start appearing in the wild. I'm thinking that for some of the pre-evos such as Khan and Skarlet should require items not found until post-E4. If you were to trade them in, the pokemon would still be able evolve but the pokedex wouldn't register them until you got the national dex. Or, alternately, this is just a show of all the new pokemon. XD

Pokemon © Game Freak, and All Designs, Sprites, Cajiro, and the Layout © Me.


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Help me extend my premium! (Pretty Please!)
-I'm p cool
-I make fanart sometimes
-That whole upload multiple thing is awesome for commissions
-I'm gonna be a poor college kid who won't be able to afford nice things

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...That is, if you're willing to humor me! I've got this stuffed animal design up for vote here and I could really use some 5 votes on it! It needs a 4.0 or above to be made and it's not quite there. So if you could follow that link, sign in (you can use facebook)  and vote it a 5 I would be SUPER grateful!~ You've got until the end of friday the 27th (EDT).

Thanks in advance!

Also I'm sorry things have been a little dry lately; between school and my dwindling life outside of school, things have been nightmarish. I hope to eventually have enough of my life back to sprite! :)
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